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Several months ago when I set up the wireless net in/around my house to service my newly-purchased laptop, I wrote of my joy in this post . The wireless system I went with at the time was the 802.11B, which advertises data transfer rates of up to 11 MB. I was fairly pleased with how well it worked, but something kept gnawing at me, things could be better.

Having problems getting comments and posts to work, I later purchased the 802.11G adapter for the laptop, which advertises a 54 MB speed, and the problem, for the most part, went away. But with this small mismatch, I began to realize that the system was limited by the speed of the wireless router, the slowest part of the system and the data bottleneck here. So last week, when I was in the BX, dreaming of new, high-speed computers with super capabilities, and of laptops that were new out of the box (mine came from ebay, used and cheap, but I can’t complain, I got a really good deal.), my eyes fell upon an 802.llG wireless router, and I thought, it being payday and so, hmmm, let’s get that puppy and boost the laptop speed!

Leaving the BX with my new jewel under my arm, I made the required stop by the commissary and my favorite off-base Korean restaurant for Kimchee and pulkogi, and with baited (!!) breath headed for home. After brushing my hair and combing my teeth, I started on installing the router. At first I had some mismatch problems, with the laptop not recognizing the router, but after uninstalling the adapter and re-installing it, it found the router and we were off to the races. Yep, it is noticeably faster. I don’t know what the speed works out to, but I can tell the difference between it and the “B” model. So, if you’re thinking of setting up a home wireless net, go ahead and spend the extra money for the “G” model, you’ll be much better pleased with

MO’ Powah!

Hey, anybody want to buy a used 802.11B wireless system in like new condition?


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