07. January 2005 · Comments Off on This Seems Like A Cool Site · Categories: General

If you are like me, you miss the good-ol’ Army-Navy surplus store. I seem to have found one online here, at Brigade Quartermasters. Please note that this is not an endorsement. I have yet to buy anything from them. But I likely will in the near future, unless I hear something bad about them in the meantime. If you know anything about them, or any similar online mil-gear suppliers, please comment.

Oh, and check their Bargain Bunker;. Looks like a great price on camo parkas and Zeiss binoculars (still expensive, but they are Zeiss, after all).

Oh, and I am still looking for a good source of surplus aircraft hardware (fasteners, cable, electrical components, etc.). If you know of any, please comment.

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