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So, the Biden (Mis) Administration, or whoever and whatever powers have the strings firmly attached to the puppet in the Oval Office seems determined to pick a fight and a war with Russia over the Ukraine. A fight in which most Americans might have some mild-to-moderate sympathies with the Ukrainians, as they were most viciously abused under Soviet rule, having the misfortune to be essentially the breadbasket of the Soviet Union and relatively unwilling to have their crops and livelihoods confiscated for the good of the Party of the Workers, and having in the interim since the fall of the Iron Curtain to have developed some pesky notions of a separate and rather rebellious national identity. The Ukraine, like Poland, is luckless geographically, in being the pathway of invading armies from either direction, so one can’t really blame them for being a little testy and proactive about another one.
But it’s not really our fight, and it seems to be one constructed in a Potemkin village fashion.
There was a story, most likely apocryphal regarding a proposed alliance sometime during the late 19th century, between (IIRC) Britain and France, likely against a bellicose Germany, wherein a high-level British diplomat and his equally high-level French counterpart began pounding out the details of the proposed military alliance. The British diplo asked his French counterpart; what would be the absolute minimum number of troops that Britain would contribute to the situation in an emergency in the case of German invasion. “Only one,” replied the French diplomat, “And we would make certain that he would be killed at once.”
That is what the Biden administration would like, apparently. They would like to be able to wave the bloody shirt, the blood-saturated BDU blouses of American military personnel as a cynical and calculated distraction from a year of epic fail.

They seem to be counting on a series of metal coffins covered in flags – flags for which they themselves have no real affection or respect – off-loaded at Andrews AFB. The Biden administration seems to believe that ordinary, flyover-country Americans, who contribute most of the recruits for the military … will snap a salute and fall to doing their patriotic duty. In any case, the Biden mush-for-brains trust appears to assume that Americans whose sons and daughters served the military, following their parents (and/or grandparents) onto those footprints stenciled onto the pavement at Parris Island, or marching across the parade ground at Lackland AFB, will obediently fall in line and support an administration-generated war. A foreign war in which we had very little real interest before the debacle of the withdrawal from Kabul and even less afterwards, upon observing what a total goat-rope that operation turned out to be. (There’s not enough propaganda lipstick in the world to slather on that pig of a disaster, much as the establish media would like to disappear it all from a public memory since they are as readily distracted by novelty as a three-year-old with a new toy.)
This after being calumniated by establishment pols and media talking heads for the last year and more as stupid flyover-country gullible rubes, as racists, white supremacists and insurrectionists. They certainly haven’t done anything else by way of mustering support for such a war – so I think they must be counting on the bloody shirt tactic to make the argument for them.
As far as most of us on the conservative side of things know of the Ukraine, it’s that certain of their energy corporations granted Hunter Biden a whacking great sinecure for … well, not very much. I doubt that Biden’s puppet-masters care anything for the Ukraine itself anyway – it’s just the most immediately convenient venue for a spot of wag-the-dog warfare that isn’t in the Middle or Far East.
No blood for Hunter’s oil paychecks … is that what will be on the signs at the anti-war protests?
And there will be anti-war protests, if President Brandon’s cunning plan to distract from his appalling record of accomplishments over the last year does go through this week. Only it won’t be the usual academic loonies and professional activists hitting the pavement (as well as strenuously advising their younger relatives to avoid the recruiting office, and if active-duty, to seek an exit as soon as possible) – it will be veterans and veterans’ families.
I remember the 1960s and the Vietnam War and the fallout very well; the wreck that the draft made of the military, the wreckage that the so-called best and brightest that Robert McNamara’s wiz kids managed to make of a war effort in Vietnam – but it took almost ten years of unmitigated mismanagement to wreck military and civilian support. (Even so, South Vietnam was still sort-of-functioning after the time that we pulled out our troops and called it a victory. It took a stab-in-the-back from a Democrat Party congress to really pull the plug in 1975.) Ten years to nuke interest and support for a war, to basically render involvement in Vietnam politically radioactive.
US participation in a war in the Ukraine comes already pre-nuked.
Discuss as you see fit. I know Trent Telenko will have something interesting to contribute about the Ukrainian chances.

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