01. November 2004 · Comments Off on Thoughts on the Election · Categories: General, Politics

Let me just jump on the election bandwagon. 🙂

As a Christian, I’ve been praying about this election in a way that I don’t remember ever praying before. I’m not praying that a particular candidate will win – I don’t want to get into a discussion here regarding which side of the aisle God’s on, or if he even cares about our politics (or whether he exists at all).

My prayers have been for a spirit of peacefulness and calm reason to permeate the country tomorrow, and the rest of this week. This has been a very divisive campaign, and I can’t help feeling that there is a lot of strong emotion simmering below the surface, just waiting to erupt in a way that would make Vesuvius look like mild heartburn.

What I carried away from the Nov 2000 elections was the assurance that our system worked. Regardless of who won, regardless of who anyone wished would have won, we had a contested election that did not result in riots or massive bloodshed. Our procedures were followed, for the most part, and people used the courts to settle their differences, not the streets, or the military.

I expect there will be cries of foul play following this election, as well. I’m hoping, though, that the American citizenry will be willing to let the system and the procedures settle their differences again. I’m praying that there will be no violence on election day, or the days immediately following it.

I’ll continue to pray, I think…even beyond election day or inauguration day. I’ll be praying for our elected officials to work for the common good, in the best interests of our country and our citizens, instead of looking at what will give them the greatest political gain.

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