02. June 2005 · Comments Off on TNR Rips Dean · Categories: Politics

The New Republic has joined the growing chorus of those on the left unhappy with Howard Dean:

But it’s hardly the DNC chair’s place to be making predictions about what a judge and a jury might decide–especially since DeLay hasn’t actually been indicted!

I personally think that Dean is entirely wrong for the post of Party Chairman. Because, like Bill Clinton, he is incapable of fading into the background, and leaving the grandstand to the active politicians. The principle job of Party Chair is fundraising. On that count as well, Dean has been seriously deficient:

It goes without saying that 100 days is an arbitrary and premature point at which to assess whether Dean is saving or screwing the party. Right-wing pundits have already started celebrating what they see as Dean’s speedy march towards failure. Although Dean is hitting “record levels,” according to DNC spokesperson Laura Gross, with a million-dollar-a-week fundraising pace, conservatives are gloating over RNC chair Ken Mehlman’s $34.2 million-twice the amount Dean has raised so far.

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