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To: Trolls
From: Cpl. Blondie
Re: This Weblog

I’m going to take a chapter out of my mothers’ book and tell you something; you might not like very much, but if the troll boots don’t fit, don’t worry about it. If they do fit then this is for you!

1. This is a blog that features writers from diverse backgrounds who have one thing in common ,and that is the Military: past and present.

2. We write about our lives, our families, what makes us angry, what makes us happy, and what fills us with anguish, among other things.

3. I used the blog during the war (when I could access it) to keep up on what was going on with my family, what was going on in the world (yes were carrying news and links from all over the world in it), and what was going on at home.

4. I have made amazing friends and connections from it. If I were in trouble then I am secure in the knowledge that I would have support from my blog friends and the people who are fans of this site. Case in point when I was traveling from oneside of the country to the other, there was no end to the advice and offers of places to crash on my trip.

5. At this site WE ARE A FAMILY.

In conclusion : Trolls beware, we terminate them with extreme prejudice, and all before breakfast ***burp***

Sorry about that.

Cpl. Blondie

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