05. April 2006 · Comments Off on Tom Delay and Cynthia McKinney · Categories: Media Matters Not, Politics, Rant

I haven’t written on either of these stories nor was I going to. I find myself with a bit of quiet time this morning and did some surfing around my favorite news sites and blogs. I guess some people think these stories are big deals.


You have a Republican Congressman resigning for charges that he’s been acting like a Chicago Ward Alderman passing out money in the back rooms of pool halls on da North Side. You have a Democrat Congress-Person-Of-Color possibly facing arrest for acting like a spoiled brat and hitting a cop when he didn’t recognize her royal highness. Basically you have two members of “The People’s House” acting as if the rules don’t apply to them and are more concerned with political mileage than they are with serving their districts.

Big noisy stretchy yawn. These are “Dog bites man.” stories getting the “SWOOSH!!! Fox News Alert” treatment.

You want me to become excited about a story about a member of Congress? Tell me a story about how they’re serving their district, saving me tax dollars, using their portion of political power to help a President do the right thing, or stop him from doing the wrong thing.

That would be SWOOSH-worthy.

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