15. April 2005 · Comments Off on Too Much Gloom…. · Categories: General, The Funny

…despair and depression around here, time for a round of funny stories.

Like the one about the guy who was out fishing on the lake in a little boat, and as he stood up to cast his line in the water, his wallet slipped out of his pants pocket. Just as the wallet was about to fall into the water, a large carp rose out of the water and caught the wallet in its mouth. The guy tried to reach for the wallet, and the carp tossed it across the boat… and a second carp came up out of the water, and neatly caught the wallet in its mouth! The guy reached for his wallet again, and the carp tossed it over the boat, just out of reach, to the first carp! The first carp tossed it back, and the guy missed it again, as his wallet went flying over the boat to the second carp!

This is, of course, a historic moment, because it is the very first recorded case of carp to carp walleting!!!

Hey, it’s a Friday… add your own.

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