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The lead character in this book gets an iPod from his wife for his birthday along with a gift card for 100 free downloads off iTunes. He decides he’s going to put together a list of the Top 100 Rock Songs Ever.

I’m not going to post the character’s list here but I’ve used it as sort of a base to try to put together My Favorite 100 Rock Songs of all Time List. I’m not going to share that with you…yet. I’m sure I’m missing some so I come to you gentle readers, begging for your suggestions.

Just to let you know a couple/few things:

1. I’m not putting any Beatles or Stones on my list. I know to some of you that’s heresy of the highest order. I’m not going to argue with you about it. I can’t listen to either of those bands anymore. Just. Can’t. Shrug, sorry.

2. Make sure you’re not stretching the “Rock” limits. Much of the old Motown Catolog can count, but anything pure hip-hop or gansta, probably won’t make it. Rap-Rock Fusion is fine. Country Rock is fine, Hank Williams Senior, not so much. Speed Metal, Death Metal, anything heavier than say Anthrax…probably won’t make it either. Yeah, I’m in my 40s, and yeah, I find a lot of the heavier stuff just plain annoying.

3. Keep your suggestions to 10 or less. I don’t want this to turn into YOUR Top 100. I’m just looking for anything I may have missed. Try to avoid repeats. If you’ve already seen “Kashmir” then don’t please don’t post it again. I would love some discussion so “me too” comments are inevitable, but let’s keep it reasonable.

So have at it music fans, I need your input, I want this to be the best Top 100 I can put together.

When we’re done, we can start on the order.

Almost Forgot: Michele and Turtle are looking for help with their Top 100 Punk Song List over at Faster Than the World. If you want to narrow your list to the Punk Genre, that’s the place to do it.

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