10. March 2005 · Comments Off on Transportation Bill Passes House · Categories: Politics

But every time one of these things goes through, it becomes less about transportation, and more about pork:

Despite passage, some lawmakers remain dissatisfied with the formula for allocating highway grants. States that turn over more in gas tax receipts than they get back in highway aid have clamored for more money.

Under the new bill, California would receive $19 billion over six years, Texas, $16.6 billion, Pennsylvania, $10 billion and Florida $9.9 billion.

Others lawmakers have chafed at the 3,300 mandatory spending requirements, which include pet projects with thin if any link to transportation — like museum renovation in Ohio and the restoration of a historic home in Virginia.

Add that to the massive amount of money spent on public transit programs, which serve only a tiny percentage of commuters, and do nothing to relieve congestion, and it’s time to yell WHOA!

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