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This from NYTimes Public Editor Byron Calame:

Columnist Correction Policy Isn’t Being Applied to Krugman

An Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times who makes an error “is expected to promptly correct it in the column.” That’s the established policy of Gail Collins, editor of the editorial page. Her written policy encourages “a uniform approach, with the correction made at the bottom of the piece.”

Two weeks have passed since my previous post spelled out the errors made by columnist Paul Krugman in writing about news media recounts of the 2000 Florida vote for president. Mr. Krugman still hasn’t been required to comply with the policy by publishing a formal correction. Ms. Collins hasn’t offered any explanation.


A bottom-line question: Does a corrections policy not enforced damage The Times’s credibility more than having no policy at all?

A better question is whether the NYTimes has any credibility in the first place, particularly when it comes to Krugman.

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