20. July 2006 · Comments Off on Trying to Get a Grip, Part II · Categories: Israel & Palestine

After reading and watching some of the news today, let me see if I’ve got this straight:

After decades of cycles of being attacked, retaliating, told to quit winning, which allows their enemies to resupply and recruit new members and begin the cycle all over again, the rest of the world, including the Vatican, is pissed off because Israel isn’t fighting fair?

And Lebanon, who hasn’t lifted a finger to get the terrorists out of their own country, is bitching about Israel doing the job that they refuse to do, and is threatening to join the terrorists in repelling Israel should they come in to finish the job that they wouldn’t do?

Do I have that just about right?

Sometimes I’ve very proud to be an American and extremely proud of the fact that we seem to be the only country on the planet that’s on Israel’s side.

I’m curious…does that assume that the rest of the world is okay with Israel’s destruction? After a day like today, I have to wonder.

…and while I’m thinking about it, does this point of view make me a Republican, or just an asshole?

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