16. July 2006 · Comments Off on Trying to Get a Grip · Categories: Israel & Palestine

Things are happening so fast in and around Israel, it’s hard to get a handle on what’s happening. I mean just a couple weeks ago it was Hamas kidnapping Israeli soldiers out of Gaza and now we’ve got Hezbollah kidnapping Israeli soldiers and lobbing rockets across the border from Lebanon. It’s hard to know the players without a program.

And as I surf around the news sites this morning, I see calls for the West (translation, The United States) to step in and do something before Israel kills any more civillians or destroys more Lebanese infrastructure. Shakes my head a couple of times and gives it a biff with my hand. Come again?

What is happening in the Mid-East is proof that trust in the West will never help Muslims. –Some Guy named Hosan in Egypt quoted on the BBC Web Page.

Hosan, no offense Bro, but I would counter that what’s happening in the Mid-East is proof that trust of Fundamentalist Islam will never help Muslims.

There wasn’t enough crap going on in that part of the world, no, Iran and Syria decided that Hamas had a good idea and kicked it up a notch by getting Hezbollah involved and attacking from Lebanon. Now Iran and Syria get to giggle like the little instigators they are and wring their hands as they watch Lebanon destabilize, and Israel take shit, once again, for defending itself.

If the Muslim world doesn’t want any more innocents dying then they’re looking to the wrong country to help them out. It’s time, once and for all, that the Muslim world take responsibility for their more psychotic members and throw a choke chain on them. You want help from the U.S. in calming down Israel? Fine. You calm down Iran and Syria and maybe we can talk about it.

I once had a call from base housing in Hawaii asking me if I could calm down my wife over a particularly stupid circumstance that they had created. I told them, “Absolutely not.” He asked why? I told him, “Because I didn’t piss her off, you did.” And that’s the way I feel about Israel. We didn’t piss them off, it’s not our responsibility to calm them down.

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