23. November 2005 · Comments Off on Two Questions for Pajamas Media, OSM, Pajamas Media · Categories: Site News, That's Entertainment!

1.) Are you done with the name changes yet?

2.) Why shouldn’t we believe Dennis the Peasant?

And if you’re involved or think you’re involved with Pajamas Media, you may want to read his entire site. I have no idea if he’s just a looney (Monty Python Lives!) or not, but ya gotta ask yourself who are you going into business with?

I posted the second question on Baldilock’s site too since she’s now the HMFIC of Blogger Relations.

Hat Tip to Stryker.

Update: I guess I should have looked on Roger Simon’s Blog for his repsonse first. Silly me, I’ve been trying to find something at Pajamas Media, OSM, Pajama’s Media. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know I wouldn’t play cards with these guys. I don’t like the way they treat their friends.

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