05. February 2005 · Comments Off on Uncharted Territory In License Plate Land · Categories: General, Politics

Fresh on the heels of the “Choose Life” license plate to-do, we now have the State of Virginia moving towards creating a “Traditional Marriage” license plate:

The Washington Times’ Christina Bellantoni reported that “Delegate Robert H. Brink said the marriage plate bordered on ‘uncharted territory in license plate land’ and does a ‘grave disservice’ to marriage.

“’Putting marriage in the same class as license plates for Holstein cows, Parrotheads and Harley-Davidson owners … cheapens and trivializes marriage,’ the Arlington Democrat said. ‘Using marriage as a political football is just wrong and that’s what we’re doing today.’”

I have heard many say that the government shouldn’t be involved in producing political messages – I agree.

But here’s something I haven’t heard yet: Why should government have a monopoly on the production of license plates? Stickers showing that fees have been paid is one thing; but why the entire plate? States should produce specifications (the “three-Fs”; form, fit, function) for acceptable plates, which I’m sure they all have as internal documents. And they should issue the number that is to be put on the plate. Then, the vehicle owner should be free to purchase the actual plates themselves from whomever they wish.

Then, if some yahoo wants a plate that says “Proud Member of NAMBLA“, it’s none of the government’s business.

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