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OK, I know I said (two months ago) that I’d write stuff twice a week. And I haven’t written a thing since then.

So much for that New Year’s resolution!

Anyway, I return with good news.

Background first: About a month ago, the General and I walked into our local Arby’s for a quick dinner. Now, for me, no Arby’s meal is complete without their trademark potato cakes. I’m sure it drives my cholesterol numbers through the roof, but still, they’re so delicious.

“A roast beef sandwich and some potato cakes,” I said. “Sorry, sir, we’re no longer selling potato cakes,” said my server. “What??!!” I exclaimed. “Why, they’re the only reason I come here. This is outrageous!” I said, with all the drama I could muster. “I’m very sorry, sir,” said this purveyor of all-but-potato-cakes, remorsefully. “Perhaps you’d like to fill out one of our suggestion cards.” “You bet I would.” says I. And I did.

Well, you get the idea.

So, this week, I get a voice mail from the regional Arby’s headquarters (who knew?), who received the aforementioned sugestion card. Apparently, enough people complained that they have returned potato cakes to my local restaurant. And today, to verify this information, I returned to that very store and indulged in some piping hot (OK, mildy hot) potato cakes (along with a Beef ‘N Cheddar).

Arby’s, I’m back.

Moral: it pays to speak your mind.

Secondary moral: somebody is way too obsessive about potato cakes.

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