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This one had me talking to myself for almost an hour yesterday.

Some Airmen are not getting information they need to make them better and more productive, Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Rodney J. McKinley said.

That is why he believes the start of a roll call program, which he said could start “within days,” will help bridge the communications gap between senior Air Force leaders and Airmen around the globe.

Roll call. Because we don’t have any other way of communicating important information to our people. Hell, the next thing you know we’ll be passing around the Daily Bulletin clipboard and having people initial it.

Talk about kickin’ it ol’ school.
Innovation, the key to air power.

Seriously, what this tells me is that the CMSAF has to dictate that we talk to our people face to face, every day, and that frightens me at a core level. In what chucklefuck organization are there supervisors who don’t talk to their folks every day? Where is this place? I want to avoid it and tell my folks to avoid it.

If I don’t talk to my crew by 0900, I don’t feel right the rest of the day. Plain and simple it’s part of my day. I get my coffee, I walk around and see how everyone’s doing. Why? That’s what all my “good” bosses did when I was coming up. Sometimes they did carry the Daily Bulletin around with them and say, “Hey, did you see they’re changing the leave program…AGAIN?”

Roll call. Where the hell am I going to have roll call? Well, the good news is, my “I hate public speaking” guy is going to have a LOT of practice.

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