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I will be so glad when the election is over. Not that I expect it will be over Nov 3 unless it’s a complete landslide. Oh, even then the National-level Democrats will most likely be crying that it was stolen again, unless they steal it. I have decided that I am in election-year overload. Since discovering the blogosphere, I have a wealth of information at my fingertips. During my 5 years in the UK, the Early Bird, CNN, and Fox News were my primary sources of news. Every now and then I would watch Sky News, and watched BBC news for the weather, but I didn’t watch (or read) any of those sources with any regularity.

I got involved in politics, to an extent, when I turned 18. It all started with a phone call from my friend Kim asking if I wanted to be a poll worker in the May primary. So my first real paying job was for my county’s Democratic Committee, and yes, I was a registered Democrat. It was a great educational experience for me. Granted I had almost always gone with my parents when they voted, and know the basics: the voter signs the book, gets a ballot, fills it out, and puts it in the box. That first primary I worked, I learned the whole process. I had also heard my parents claim for 18 years that the elections were fixed, at least in our county, so I was on the lookout for it. There was none at that precinct. We were by the book, and the book was the law. We still had paper ballots then, and we were meticulous about counting them. For our table, Kim and I kept the counts while the ballots were read to us. If we came up with different totals, we started all over. I would end up working not only the Democrat Primaries, but also the general elections for the next 4 years.

Although I was a registered Democrat, I was a candidate voter. I voted against Clinton for governor, but voted for his Lt Governor. Of course, that was before the Lt’s indiscretions came out. I voted for Bush 41 both times, but I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for Dole. Since a vote for Ross Perot was a vote for Clinton, I sat that one out. I would have voted for Bush 43, but it really didn’t matter that I didn’t since Gore lost in Arkansas anyway, along with his home state of Tennessee. Heh. J I didn’t really have anything against Gore at the time other than the fact that he was associated with Clinton, until the after election debacle. Now I wish he would find his way back to whatever cave he crawled from.

I am now an undeclared voter in North Carolina, about 15 minutes away from Senator Gone’s hometown of Robbins. I can’t say that I have been happy with every decision President Bush has made. I had really hoped that he wouldn’t invade Iraq, not that I didn’t think Saddam deserved to be de-throned. Knowing now what I do about the UN’s Oil For Food “program,” I’m glad we went in. Expose those arrogant, worthless French as the criminals they are. And the Germans. And definitely Kofi Annan with his blind-eye-to-genocide. I would also like to see them all kicked out of our country. But that’s just my opinion, and off my original subject. I don’t think Bush lied to me about the WMD’s in Iraq. I didn’t think Clinton was lying about them, or Gore, or Kerry, or anyone else in the world who said Saddam had WMD’s since the first Gulf War.

I don’t see how anyone who has listened to Kerry can think he would make a better President than Bush. I think Hillary would make a better president than Kerry, although that thought will give me nightmares tonight. At this point though, I’m sick of the ads, I’m sick of the MSM and their tired line of negativity, I’m tired of the signs (with the sole exception of my co-worker’s “Al Qaeda for Kerry” sticker), and I’m tired of Kerry & Edwards. I wish I could be certain it would be over after the next 2 weeks.

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