19. August 2004 · Comments Off on Walters’ Song-And-Dance On “Plan Columbia” · Categories: Drug Prohibition, General

Despite his former gaff, White House Drug Czar Dan Walters now claims Clinton’s “Plan Columbia” is a great success in stemming the tide of cocaine into the US:

Mr Walters was speaking in Washington after visiting Colombia and Mexico.

He said American-backed efforts by those countries had sharply reduced the estimated flow of the drug to the US.

The statement appears to contradict comments he made last week. While in Mexico, he said there was no fall in the amount of cocaine reaching the US.

“We have not yet seen in all these efforts what we’re hoping for on the supply side, which is a reduction in availability,” he said at a news conference in Mexico City last Thursday.

The fact is, while we have turned Columbia into a war zone (as if it wasn’t one already) the supply of cocaine from Peru and Bolivia has just increased to fill the gap.

The Drug Warriors, like school bureaucrats, and so many others in government, keep insisting that success is just around the corner, and we need only to increase their funding to see it. It’s time to learn that success is not to be had, and undesirable in the first place.

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