23. December 2005 · Comments Off on Was Rove The Source Of NSA Spying Leak? · Categories: GWOT, Politics

Today on FNC’s Cavuto on Business, conservative firebrand Ann Coulter stated her belief that White House Machiavellian Karl Rove is giving Capitol Hill Democrats enough rope to hang themselves with on the NSA wiretapping issue. Knowing that a strong national defense is politically popular, she says, “just let Barbara Boxer keep calling for impeachment.”

So, if one follows that logic out, the question is presented, “did Rove actually provide (or, more likely, instruct another Libby-esce underling to provide) the original leak?”

Well, for anyone short of the most raving Jackass Party partisans, it may be tough to believe that anyone in the White House would give up highly classified national defense information for political gain. However, we must take into account that we are up against a clever and nimble enemy, and any intelligence program instituted 4 years ago might not be effective today. If that is the case – if the unwarranted NSA wiretaps were no longer delivering much, if any, valuable information (something quite plausible if one is to believe, as most pundits claim, that Al Qeada no longer exists as a cohesive organization) – it becomes conceivable that a leak of the program’s existence could become a viable political tool.

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