03. November 2005 · Comments Off on Washington State’s DOMA on the ropes · Categories: General

This from Mark Rosenberg at RedState:

The Washington Supreme Court is expected to rule very soon on several consolidated cases seeking to overturn the state’s Defense Of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and woman. I’ll admit that what immediately follows is no finely-considered point of legal analysis, but then again that’s not always this court’s stock in trade, either – and so I wonder if, given that a lesbian jilted by her lover for a male may still qualify as a “defacto parent” based on six years of cohabitation with a child, what then is to stop this particular court from also concluding that gay couples cohabitating for a certain number of years are “defacto spouses” deserving the full legal status of marriage?

As I have said before, government has no place defining the terms of a marriage contract, only enforcing those terms once a contract is entered into.

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