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So far we’ve watched the pilot and the Train Robbery.

All I can say is, Wow! I wasn’t much of a Buffy or Angel fan, what I watched I enjoyed but I never went out of my way to watch them, but this is just plain good stuff. None of the SciFi is new or ground breaking. I thought the wild west thing would bother me more, but it fits.

The characters are larger than life. They’re heroic. Practically Randian in some ways…Faustian in others. I’m interested in all of them.

Other random things I’ve noted/learned so far:

I’m afraid if I watch too much of this at once I might start calling cool or bitchin’ things “shiny.”

Government stooges threatening disturbed teenage girls should be shot and dumped out the back as soon as they become annoying enough.

Shiny is a way cooler word than cool or bitchin’ especially when uttered by Jewel Staite playing Kaylee Frye.

Morena Baccarin who plays Irana the professional companion (working girl with a LOT of class) is a beautiful woman.

Hitting someone with a closed fist can hurt, but it is, on occasion, hilarious.

A man learns all the details of a situation… Well, then he has a choice.

You can live on prepackaged food indefinitely with a sufficient supply of dried rosemary. (Anyone who’s lived on MREs can attest to this one or any of it’s variations.)

I expected trains would have changed more in 500 years, but when you think about it…besides the tracks and propulsion, what’s to improve?

When a doctor tells you you’d better sit down after giving you anything…probably a good idea to listen…unles you LIKE falling on your face well then…carry on.

Seriously evil bad guys still seem creepier with an Eastern European accent. Does that make me an ol’ fart cold warrior?

My heroes are still cowboys…I don’t know why…don’t much care.

I much prefer Mal Reynolds’, “Do it my way or I will kill you.” to Jean Luc Picard’s sitting around a table asking for “Suggestions?” When the shite has hit the fan, someone’s got to lead. Asking for suggestions isn’t leading, it’s whimping out on your responsibility.

Always have a plan B for when plan A goes bad.

Threatening the man who’s beat you senseless, tied your hands behind your back and has positioned you near a sub-light-speed turbine engine intake is a very-very bad choice…I don’t care how creepy your accent is.

Girls who know how to use tools and/or guns are sexy as hell. Can’t explain that one either.

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