29. January 2005 · Comments Off on We Absolutely Agree · Categories: Iraq

I don’t think we could have said it better here (apart from the wisdom of this conflict remark), so I’ll just quote DarkSyd:

Despite my personal misgivings about the wisdom of this conflict, I freely profess pride, and extend my best wishes to the hundreds of thousands of US Service People and Iraqi Citizens, whose sacrifice made this day possible. A sacrifice all too frequently paid for in the currency of cherished blood and unimaginable grief. UTI is hopeful for the best, even while bracing for the worst.

I’d like to ask a favor: Regardless of one’s political inclination, irrespective of your confidence in the electoral process employed, or the decision to invade and occupy Iraq, no matter what the outcome, let us all stand united in our admiration for those courageous Iraqi’s who will brave gunfire, RPGs, bombs, and reprisal, to determine their own fate? For they choose to do so in bold defiance of promised violence and certain intimidation.

I’d like to add that I’m a bit annoyed by all the polls and pundits concerned with American opinions about the “legitimacy” of this first Iraqi election. Our opinion matters not one wit here; the legitimacy of this election will be determined strictly by whether or not the Iraqi people accept it as legitimate. On that, I have great confidence.

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