20. May 2005 · Comments Off on We Suck! Yeah! · Categories: Ain't That America?

One of the reasons I can’t hang with most liberals any more are the negative pep rallies.

It’s like,

“Yeah, I’m an American, and my country really sucks.” “RIGHT ON.”

“Our country is the worst in the freaking world!” “TRUTH TO POWER.”

“We suck worse than anything the Soviet Union ever did.” “TELL IT MY BROTHER.”(yelled by a balding white guy with a pony tail)

“Bush is a bible thumping warmonger who wouldn’t know the truth if it went ‘nuclar’ on him.” “BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED

You want me to pay attention? Quit already. We’ve got a rule in the Air Force…it’s unwritten…but it’s there none-the-less, if you’re going to stretch a meeting out longer by bringing up a problem, then you’d best have at least a possible solution to it for discussion…otherwise, STFU, my son’s got TaeKwonDo.

Update: Or you can read Annika’s response to Pepsico’s CEO.

Mostly unrelated but don’t want to waste more space: Ever since I discovered Diet Coke with Lime…I haven’t touched a Pepsi Product. No…the Pepsi version ISN’T the same. Just sayin’…

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