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As it’s fallen off the front page, I’ll repeat my post for the Movie Trivia Clue for 8/02/05:

WPA Project 891

Of course, you could Google that, and get the answer right now. But let’s allow somebody that knows the answer, and hopefully the backstory, respond first, ok?

Update: What? Googled, and no freaking answer; this is beyond the realm.

Ok, here’s another hint: John Houseman, Orson Wells.

The answer is Cradle Will Rock, Tim Robbins’ 1999 movie about the political controversy surrounding the 1937 play, The Cradle Will Rock, which was initially produced under the WPA’s Federal Theater Project #891 in NYC. John Houseman was the producer, Orson Welles the director, and the writer was Marc Blitzstein. Here’s a pretty good article, for those further interested.

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