14. December 2005 · Comments Off on Well, @#$%^ – Son Of A Bitch, It’s Only Wednesday! · Categories: General, The Funny

Get your best ad hominem attacks ready for another open thread on Friday.

Update: Ok, here’s the twist: The last time I told you all to keep the attack lines general. Well, now you can get personal – so long as the target of your attack is a public personality. George Bush, Howard Dean, Tom Cruise – all fair game. So put on your best Triumph, Kathy Griffin, or Don Rickles suit, and have at it. You can even go after yours truly, or other popular bloggers (Oh gawd – I’m likely to hear about this on Monday. Well, joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck.).

And no, as much as some of you might want to rip, say, Robin a new asshole, being a regular commenter on this blog does not make one a “public personality.” 🙂

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