A longish and somewhat exhausting morning – this the day that my social security is paid into my bank account – (Yes, I collect it, having put into it for all those working years since the age of 16, and having no more patience for working full-time for other people) so we went up to New Braunfels for the semi-monthly purchase of meats and sausage at Granzins, then a little farther to the new super-HEB for assorted groceries, and then a loop around to Tractor Supply for flea spray, drops and collars for the critters. Who are all afflicted with the summertime plague of fleas, and the most seriously effective yet most reasonably-priced remedies are all available at Tractor Supply, including a carpet/surface spray which has a strong yet pleasing odor of citronella and only seems to be available at Tractor Supply. I wish that I drove a pickup truck – I wouldn’t feel like such a townie, pulling into the parking lot there. I might even pull on those vintage Ariat boots that I bought at a charity thrift shop a couple of years ago.

Anyway, loaded up at Granzins on chicken breasts, quarters, a small steak (which is my monthly treat) and some of their divine locally-made sausage, which makes a splendid main dish when rubbed with a little of Adams Reserve Steakhouse Rub, spritzed with a bit of olive oil and then baked until done. At the super-HEB, a 7 ½ pound pork tenderloin at a good price, to be chopped into roasts and boneless chops … and when returned home, an hour of time with the vacuum sealer, packaging it all up for the freezer – set with meat options for supper for the next month or maybe even longer. Look – we flirt with tasty vegan options at least one night a week, but that’s just for the variety of it. Otherwise, we are unashamed carnivores.
Part of the journey to New Braunfels involved a fitting … for a costume to be worn at a book-launch party in Seguin late next month by one of three – the author and my daughter Blondie to be the other two. I committed, in a moment of weakness and affectionate friendship for another author, to sew frontier ‘soiled dove’ outfits for the launch party bash. Easy enough – a white cotton shift, a flashy skirt with lace trim, and a fitted and laced bodice. The skirts and the shift are simple enough, the laced bodice must be fitted to each individual; the pattern is one I am not happy with, since I will have to add some extra lacing to the back of the bodice to ensure that the shoulder portion will not be slipping down … eh, the outfits will be marvelous when I have completed them.

Tuesday mid-day was likewise consumed by a necessary errand – to the cardiologist at BAMC for the yearly check-up. Yes, I seem to have developed a noticeable heart murmur in the last couple of years. Such was was noted when I was in my twenties, but was written off to a) pregnancy, b) a doctor doing research who apparently wanted to find such in healthy young adults for the purpose of generating a research report, and c) a bout of viral myocarditis discovered during a routine physical required when I was putting together an application for an officer commission – a condition which eventually healed on its’ own, although at the time it scared the bejesus out of my supervisors, my parents and the hospital administrators at the Misawa AB hospital. The comforting thing in the current iteration is that it doesn’t appear to have gotten any worse since being first observed. EKG – same as last year. Sound of it all – same as last year. Barely over the line for concern, according to the cardiologist. Hardly rating any concern, considering the appearances of other patients in the waiting area of the cardiology clinic – yeah, the full collection of canes, walkers, and wheel-chairs. Look – we all die of something. A dicky ticker over the next two or three decades appears to be my fate. I’m OK with that, considering some of the other alternatives.


  1. roadgeek

    Well. Someone else shops at Granzin’s. We’re in Austin, and I’ve got a very busy August coming up, so to avoid a trip to New Braunfels I’m about to order 20 links of dry sausage and have it delivered. What a treat. Dry sausage is my new phase food. Great for a keto diet. My wife and I are both on keto, and I remember well the first time we went into Granzin’s. She thought she had died and gone to heaven. We ended up leaving with $450 dollars worth of meat. And, yes, their sausage is fine. I really enjoy the pork sausage with garlic. Thanks for the idea on baking the sausage with olive oil and steak rub. My wife wants to try that. I also enjoy the beef pinwheels; we usually buy a bunch and freeze them up. The best pinwheels I’ve found, however, are at the Bon-Ton Meat Market “Since 1927” on TX 21 between Uhland and San Marcos. They use cream cheese, and those things taste sinful, despite being perfect for keto. Oh, and always free coffee at Bon-Ton.

    • Sgt. Mom

      Hi, Roadgeek – yes, we make the run once a month, with a cooler in the back. I did a book talk a good few years ago at the Sophienburg, and the ladies there put us on to Granzins. (Tourists shop the New Braunfels Smokehouse, locals shop Granzins. They supply a lot of the sausage for Wurstfest, BTW>) I’ll have to try out the pinwheels. Their locally-made sausages are wonderful. Try the chili cheesedogs. Sublime.

  2. roadgeek

    For the Phillistines among us who aren’t familiar with dry sausage, “…Dry sausages are cured sausages that are fermented and dried. Some are smoked as well at the beginning of the drying process. They are generally eaten cold and will keep for a long time.” The ones from Granzin’s will keep indefinitely if refrigerated or frozen, and will keep on the table for about three weeks as long as you don’t put them in a bag. I tried bagging them, and overnight mold. And these things are good. I take them as a snack to work, and on trips they make a nice treat while driving. Essentially it’s a standard sausage, but most of the moisture has been removed by huge fans after being smoked. They come in different flavors, but I’m partial to the Granzin’s spicy. It sounds a little odd, but try one and you’ll want more.