21. January 2005 · Comments Off on What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been · Categories: General

I frequently like to say my birth (10/05/57), was heralded by the appearance of a new star in the sky. I play this as a trite missive. But I discount its prophecy Unless you were there, you can’t conceive it – living day-by-day with the absolute terror of the prospect of “them” pushing the button down, coupled with the idea of going to the Moon.

And I talk to my mother – a member of “the greatest generation”, and she asks “what?”

And I look at Cpl Blondie and her peers. And I say “G_d bless you – you are sealing the deal, and ushering in a peace that will last 1000 years.” Please just appreciate the gifts you’ve been given, and use them wisely.

I wouldn’t trade my life – to be witness to this epoch in history, for anything.

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