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Yesterday I was coming back from my monthly dr. appt in Macon, about 100 miles up the road. Weather was BAD, heavy rain, low ceilings, so I was in the old chevvy van instead of the Cherokee. I admit I was going too fast for those condx, but I was on autopilot – cruise control, so things seemed OK. Then all of a sudden I turned into a passenger instead of a driver! I was going down the highway one instant, and the next I was in the median, doing 80 mph, mud flying everywhere and absolutely no control.

I was surprisingly calm, no fear, just looking ahead and saying, “we’re gonna go over,” as the missile started to tilt to the left. I thought, “Darn, I took off my seatbelt because I had to pee so bad, this ain’t gonna be pretty. ” Then it started heading for the side with opposing traffic, I thought I had to stop that, so I was doing everything I could to steer back across. Then I got sideways, still sliding pretty fast. Again, I said “I’m going over”, and tried to brace for being thrown all over the place, but somehow the van careened back on the roadway. We’re not done yet. It kept on hydroplaning and then snatched up on pavement, shooting me BACK into the median, still somewhere around 60 mph. Here I was, sideways, and I could see a culvert coming up. “Uh-oh, this is it, I’m goin’ over for sure this time.” Nope, somehow I got it back in the left side breakdown lane, pointed the right way, and regained steering control. I eased it onto the road, went to the right lane, slowed to 45, got my thoughts under control, and snapped my seatbelt. Now I needed to do more than pee. I saw a sign for my exit, got off, and the rest is history. Wow, that happened so fast, but it seemed in slow motion, I was able to think and plan, even if it did no good. I just went out and looked, and there’s grass under my van from one end to the other. Man, that was some ride, and I don’t want to repeat it!

I guess my angel was there and not yet ready to take me home. Anyway, it ended well, I guess. I still want to know what Heaven looks like, guess I’ll have to wait…..

Peace, friends


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