30. September 2004 · Comments Off on What has happened? · Categories: General Nonsense

Here I am working late. I say “working” when I am in fact just waiting until after duty hours to do system maintenance that will require about 5 minutes of downtime. I’m doing a little reading while checking my emails every few minutes for signs of locked accounts and/or forgotten passwords, and checking the audit logs every few minutes for signs of inactivity. I’m listening to the free Classic Rock station on Launch, and coming close to breaking out those 3 bucks a month to get my personalized station back. Now, my idea of “Classic Rock” is the Beatles, the Doors, the Stones, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and various other late 60’s and 70’s artists. I’m even willing to concede to including late 70’s Van Halen and Heart. Suddenly I realize “Hey, that’s the Police.” Then I hear some Poison, Ratt, Bon Jovi, Loverboy, Foreigner, and (gasp) U2. What the? When did the stuff I listened to in high school and college become “classic” rock??? How can Van Hagar be classic rock??? It hasn’t been that long…has it?

Update: The maintenace took 30 minutes. I walked out of the building, and noticed the “Dilbert cloud of doom” overhead. Got out of the car at home and thought “What is that spraying noise?” The antifreeze shooting out of my radiator all over the garage. What a day. Then I go through the mail and find a card from a friend, who is a former JACster as well. I open up the card to the photos placed inside and almost busted a gut over these. Heh heh. And I will never accept Van Hagar as “classic rock.”

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