03. November 2010 · Comments Off on What is Best in Life: Post-election Thoughts · Categories: Ain't That America?, General, sarcasm, Tea Time

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

And the lamentations of their media creatures and commentators … although most of them over at Open Salon just seem to be sniveling and cringing in the corners. Life is good this morning. I think I’ll have another cuppa Tea. Tea Party tea, that is.

So, not a full sweep – Harry Reid still embedded in Nevada, and Our Witch didn’t make it far off the ground in Delaware. But Colonel West is in, and a good many other citizen-legislators, and it seems like the House is ours, and San Fran Nan will just have to climb onto her broomstick now, when she wants to fly back to California. A nice day’s work, being that the turnover at the state level was huge. That is where it counts; since hopefully, the states will be the counter-weight to the federal establishment in coming years.

Yeppers, thinking long-term, people. Long-term. And first on the agenda will be to remind all these newly elected legislators not to get cocky and thinking what a nice office they have and wouldn’t it be shiny to stay there forever’n’ever, amen. Not a chance. To paraphrase Bill Cosby “We put you there and we can take you out again.”

Not the beginning of the end – but maybe the end of the beginning.

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