20. August 2005 · Comments Off on What Makes A Great Bond? · Categories: General

After my last Bond post, I find myself rewatching Thunderball (undoubtedly the best Bond ever), and You Only Live Twice (arguably the worst of the Connery Bonds, only saved by that drop-dead-gorgeous Toyota 2000GT).

Anyway, as said in comments on the earlier post, I think that, while Dalton did the best Fleming Bond, Brosnan’s Bonds have, overall, (while Goldfinger and Thunderball rise above the fray), best executed the cinema Bond formula.


Update: Here’s an idea; how about the Felix Lieter factor? In You Only Live Twice, it always struck me how Tanaka was such a poor substitute for Lieter, and the Japanese commandos such a poor substitute for the U.S. Marines.

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