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We all know German society breeds this sort of thing:

Zoo Uses Aversion Therapy ‘To Cure’ Gay Penguins
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

Posted: February 8, 2005 5:01 pm. ET

(Bremen, Germany) A German zoo is trying “to cure” three gay penguin couples using a form of aversion therapy. The Bremerhaven Zoo is splitting up the couples, and has imported four female penguins from Sweden which it will use to try to “turn” the penguins “straight”.

The three gay couples are part of the zoo’s 10 penguin exhibit. The others are apparently straight and coupled. But, for more than a year zookeepers were mystified why the three couples didn’t have any offspring.

They did the usual courting dances, built nests together, appeared to have sex, and still no little penguins. Finally they did a DNA test to see if there was something genetically wrong. That is when they discovered the three couples were all male.

Zoo director Heike Kueck said each of the males will be given special secluded separate quarters and a female will be introduced. They will rotate the females to see which pairings “click”.

Do you think they were all “just born that way?” 🙂

Update: I’m still chuckling thinking of Joel Gray’s voice coming out of the mouth of a penguin: “life is beautiful … the women are beautiful … and the men are beautiful…”

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