03. September 2005 · Comments Off on when a plan doesn’t come together · Categories: General, Home Front, My Head Hurts

Well, the best laid plans…..I left today enroute to help with rescue and communications in the gulf coast. Sorry folks, I only made it 100 miles. As I approached Macon, GA, the transmission on my van gave up the ghost. I was loaded to the gills with stuff for the folks out there and my own survival items, so now I may have to find another way to get things out there. As for me going, that’s out. Last time I replaced a transmission it ran $1700, and I have already spent all I had on things to take out there. The van is gonna sit under my carport for a month or so while I try to find a way to get a new (or used) transmission.

You never know…..I’m just glad it didn’t wait until I was in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, to let go. It cost me almost $400 to get it transported back home by rollback truck, so that’s it for now. What devastates me is not being able to do the job I know so well how to do. I don’t care about the truck, I just wish I could have done my job.

More later…..Right now, I’m going to go crawl into a deep hole. I can’t help those people who have nothing, and that’s the absolute worst for me….

Pray for the people who lost it all, friends!

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