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Some of my favorite writers on the net are women.  Smart, funny, successful in what they’ve chosen to do, women.

So before I go to bed with my favorite woman, Beautiful Wife, I thought I’d surf around and see what some of my favorite female bloggers are talking about:

Venomous Kate:  “Sarah Palin Wowed My World.”

Sisu:  Just go to the main page and scroll down.

Rachel Lucas:  “Sarah Palin Makes Me Want to Dance.”

Every female writer over at Wizbang.

Just scroll down this page for Sgt. Mom’s take.

In almost every case, there’s some mention about how they were bored with the election already and how they’re now excited, pissed off, energized…add whatever adjetive you’d like…except bored.

I think the lefties are going to be VERY sorry that they pissed off the working Moms of this country.  They not only went after her family, they questioned whether or not she could be a good mom and do the Vice President thing at the same time.  Big mistake.  Huge honking blunder.

They basically questioned every working Mom’s ability to work and mother at the same time and even some Feminists with a capital “F” are going, “Oh no you didn’t!”

An old friend from back home, unrepentent hippie chick, voted Democrat her entire adult life…now thinking about voting for McCain/Palin.  Why?  The left wingers, so anxious to disarm Sarahcuda, pissed her right the hell off.  “What do you MEAN she can’t be a good mom and Veep at the same time?”  You see, that’s something only a stodgy ol’ Republican should say, not an “enlightened” Democrat.

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