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This from Joy Sewing at the Houston Chronicle:

Now specialty shops can’t keep Oprah’s bra in stock, and women are flocking to stores to see whether they’re sized correctly.

“As soon as the (Oprah) show went off the air, our phones started ringing,” says Gerri Brown, a bra-fit expert at Top Drawer Lingerie in Uptown Park. “Many women are in denial about their bra size. They don’t want to admit they are actually larger than they thought.”

Finding a well-fitting bra isn’t always easy. There’s much to consider, from the size of the cup to the snugness of the fit. Bras that bind, straps that fall, breasts that spill over the cups, wires that pinch and dreaded back fat that squeezes over straps are all signs of ill-fitting bras.

Any women out there wanting bra-sizing advise – please email me. 🙂

BTW: Something about a journalist named “Joy Sewing” reporting on the garment industry I find quite funny.

Update: I just confered with a female friend, who tends to keep “abreast” of such matters, and this quote is the jist:

But some women shove them in too-small cups hoping to get the smooshed look, and then just get the fourple-boob look, where there’s a horizntal-type crease with bulge above and below. Not good.

Here’s a hint girls: this is, for-sure, not sexy.

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