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This is what a lot of us on the conservative – independent – libertarian-inclined, and otherwise classic old-style liberal have been wondering over the last six months or so. Where do we go from here, seeing that elections largely can’t be trusted, especially in blue-dominated states with a long, long, long history of election corruption and assorted ballot shenanigans?

Where do we go, and what can we do about a national news media which has become so nakedly, proudly partisan, basically the stenographer and mouthpiece for the Biden Administration? Besides patronizing those independent bloggers, reporters and aggregators, foreign newspapers like the UK’s Daily Mail, and that handful of mainstream reporters who actually appear to recall the original mission of ‘afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted’ and report the plain old who-where-what? While it does seem that formerly competent and respected outlets are shedding viewers like the Titanic shed lifeboats after the encounter with the iceberg, at least half the country does believe what they see on CNN and read in the New York Times, and those of similar devotion to perpetuating the Big Lie(s). What to do, especially when loved ones and co-workers swallow the lies whole?

What can we do to counter and resist force-feeding of the social poison of Critical Race Theory, in corporations, to government employees (to include the military), in universities and in, most outrageously, our schools? It’s a pernicious, race-based poison, intended to divide, humiliate, and at worst, to drive out those who will not bend the knee and participate in the mandatory ‘struggle sessions’. How to complain or resist when to do so might mean unemployment at worst and social ostracism at least: we are social animals, we humans, and even misanthropes prefer a paycheck to poverty. How can we best and most effectively resist the apparent unpersoning of a substantial ethnic majority, when it seems to be an intellectual fashion even more damaging than that of the ‘recovered memory’ or ‘satanic abuse in day care centers’ – a fad enthusiastically pushed by establishment media?

The trans-gender idiocy will, I think, collapse of it’s own weight pretty shortly. There’s damn little toleration for an obvious male prancing around naked in a female locker room or spa location, obviously waggling his wang-wang whilst claiming to identify as a female. No, that’s a male pervert getting his jollies by waggling his wang-wang in the face of XX chromosome females. And what to do when formerly mediocre male athletes suddenly proclaim their new female identity and hit a winning streak when it comes to top medals, sports scholarships, and participation in high-value athletic contests … elbowing aside talented and hardworking athletes who were born female. It’s honestly another fad, pushed by deranged activists and a complicit established media – but what are our options to hurry along the inevitable collapse?

Finally – what options do we have when it comes to the blatant double standard in prosecuting crime: when violent Antifa or BLM protestors, and the nakedly criminal in places like Portland, Seattle, Oakland, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Baltimore, New York and the like are either freed within hours or winked at by law enforcement, while people who had done nothing more than to attend a protest in Washington last January are locked up for months, without being charged? Discuss as you wish.

While we still can.

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