10. June 2006 · Comments Off on Where the Hell are ya Meeks? · Categories: General

One of the furrier members of our family took a walk on Tuesday Night and she hasn’t come back yet. The Animal Shelter has been called, Vets in the local area have been notified, and the L.E. Desk has nothing on their blotter. We’re hoping that it’s a matter of time. She’s never been gone this long. We’ll run an add in the paper next week. We’re hoping that she’s just let herself be lured into another home with the promise of tastier kibble and just hasn’t managed to escape yet.

Boyo is bummed. Beautiful Wife is depressed. I bounce in between “shrug-it’s a cat” and “Dammit where’s my CAT?!”

Life will go on if she doesn’t return but it will be a life less rich. This picture doesn’t show it, but she’s a Hemingway Cat, she has thumbs and she’s not afraid to use them. I was her human so I’m especially feeling a lap less warmed.

Update 16 June: Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! There was a fox in the field about a half a block away from our house. Shit!

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