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I was going to rant against Michelle Malkin again this morning after reading the post where she most carefully avoids calling our First Lady a skank, but I took a deep breath and simply decided that it would be a waste of time. She’s one of THOSE conservatives who thinks that she’s somehow better than the rest of the world because she raises her pinky when she shites and there’s nothing anyone can do about that.

For various reasons I was reminded of my Great Aunt Rose. My Great Aunt Rose would smile sweetly and refer to Ms Malkin as “a Saint.” My Great Aunt Rose saves that honorific for those who have “become too high and mighty for worldly good” or those who forgot to “check their butt for the corncob.” (…from the outhouse I’ve always assumed.) “Well now…isn’t she a Saint?”

I love my Great Aunt Rose. She’s a plain spoken farm lady closing in on 100. Not overly educated but filled with Wisconsin farm common sense. She goes to mass almost every day, “Cramming for finals.” she likes to call it. I don’t know why, she’s always been one of those people I’ve looked up to for living the words instead of just reading them.

Great Aunt Rose LOVES telling the joke about milking a bull. For her it’s the definition of city folks and our cluelessness.

The irony here is practically sublime.

Update: Two more reasoned and reasonable posts about this subject at Protein Wisdom and Sisu.

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