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Hi. I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now. Lost track for a while, came back. Life happens.

When I read Timmer’s call this morning

Tired of there not being enough fresh content here every day? Can you write? Drop a line to Sgt Mom. She’ll hook you up.

I thought “why not“. So I did and she did and here we are. I am not so very sure that I can, in fact, write but we’ll give it the old college try.

I’m a husband, father, dog and cat owner. I live in Wisconsin, raised in Oklahoma. I spent eight years in the Marines but was a Lance Corporal for most of my time in service. I spent four years in the infantry but was only shot at once. I didn’t see the Fleet until I lateral moved to Data Processing.

I work for pay and health insurance for a mid-sized electronics manufacturer, about whom I won’t speak much. I work for pleasure and fun in the evenings for LiftPort about which I’ll go on at great length if you don’t shut me up. We want to build a space elevator. Yes it’s a long shot – it beats the snot out of not doing anything about the cost of getting to space.

So that’s me and thanks for reading. Y’all have no idea how tempting it was to go all 2004 on you, paste a picture of John Kerry saluting, title this ‘Reporting for Duty’ and call this introduction done.

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