It is deeply, solidly ironic that at almost the very hour that US forces were bagging Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, fearless leader of the ISIL/ISIS-established caliphate in the Middle East, that the catastrophically-unfunny cast of Saturday Night Live had just finished ragging on President Trump for supposedly coddling ISIS by pulling out of Syria. There hasn’t been a case of timing this bad since 70ies Weatherman terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayres launched his memoir of bomb-building and social mayhem the very week that Osama Bin Laden’s merry crew of jihadis murdered nearly 3,000 Americans and others in a single day, on September 11th, 2001.

Well, who would have thought that our intelligence services were actually performing the hard graft of tracking down dangerous international enemies, instead of attempting to reverse the results of an election, and harass domestic political opponents? Seeing that our military leadership was dead-as-a-doornail serious about taking care of business, in facilitating Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi date with his seventy-two cranky virgins or white grapes, or whatever – was grimly satisfactory. This is the jolly lad whose ISIS/ISIL hardliners set a standard for psychopathic cruelty to captives which might have 19th century Comanche and Apache warriors saying, “Oh, hey, guys – don’t you think that’s going a little too far?” (Or maybe not – those fellows had some stomach-churningly inventive notions about killing slowly.)

It is additionally rather delicious that al-Baghdadi was chased by a military working dog into his last hide-out, and that it was a female working dog at that. And there, the wretched man chose to blow himself up, with three of his kids, although Jamie Lee Curtis expressed some indignation and sorrow on his behalf. Did she or anyone else among the Hollywood Trump-haters express any such tender feelings about those captives of al-Baghdadi who were burned alive, drowned in metal cages, executed with det-cord around their necks, and beheaded in job-lots? Anything about the Yazidi women and girls sold into sex-slavery? So help me, I can’t recall, but then we have come to expect this kind of one-sided concern from the denizens of the celebrity world.

Finally – that the whole operation was kept from the Dem leadership on grounds of operational security? Ah yes; I won’t go as far as to say that Nancy Pelosi would have picked up the phone and called a contact at the Washington Post, saying, “You’ll never guess what is going down – the Special Forces are going after al Baghdadi – but don’t tell anyone, it’s Top Secret!” but at the rate that stuff keeps getting leaked from Dem offices into the media … good call. Yes, someone on a senior Dem leadership staff would have spilled to a media contact, likely out of sheer ignorance and malice toward Trump. The kind of mindset what sees the lower serving military ranks as disposable pawns, only useful for holding umbrellas, or as background for a nice photo op … or if their deaths can be used for a purpose. Yes, I’m that cynical. Discuss as you wish.


  1. John F. MacMichael

    “Yes, someone on a senior Dem leadership staff would have spilled to a media contact, likely out of sheer ignorance and malice toward Trump.”

    I have to agree with this. I am still, after 3 years, amazed at the hysterical nature of the hatred of Trump. It is irrational like a phobia. And like a phobia it produces extreme and illogical reactions.

    And I have learned over the years not to underestimate the “…sheer ignorance…” of the military in the media today. I am sure you can think of a long list of examples yourself but one that sticks in my mind is something I heard about some years back. Now, this particular instance involved the police rather than the military pre se but it well illustrated the same sort of ignorance. I was taking part in an educate the public effort on the part of our local police department called the Citizens Police Academy (I was invited to join this because I was involved in public safety issues through my neighborhood merchants association). Most of it was lectures followed by question and answer sessions. One session was devoted to how the police handled reporters. The officer who was running it recounted an experience he had a few years before when the police were dealing with a hostage situation in a home. It was being treated as the day’s big “BREAKING NEWS!!!” story on the local TV stations.

    The local SWAT team was moving into place with snipers and an assault team when the officers in the command post were horrified to discover that a TV news helicopter had spotted one of their sniper teams in place some fifty yards from the house. And they were broadcasting this! For the news people it was just exciting video; “Look! Our Action Cam Team shows you the SWAT snipers! Right there! Behind that hedge! So exciting!”. Of course the police were on the phone to the news station immediately demanding that they get this off the air “You idiots! That psycho has a TV in there! If he is watching this you are helping him target our people!” The news station’s response was revealing; it was basically “Oh, we did not think…um..sorry.”

    Ignorance and malice make a nasty combination.

    • Sgt. Mom

      I can believe it, totally. The abysmal ignorance of the average newsie about matters military (and police operations) has only gotten worse in the last few years. Hard to believe it could, but it has…