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That’s Digital Video Recorder for those of you who don’t pay attention.

It’s September. Football Season has kicked off. There’s a nip in the air. The new shows are hitting the major networks. There are new episodes of our old favorites shows. Survivor is weirder than ever.

When we first moved here and decided to try the DVR with our cable package, we didn’t think we’d use it much. I mean it was nice now and then to record something that was going to be on later that night so you could watch it at a reasonable time. Recording Letterman to watch at 6 P.M. because I simply can’t watch O’Reilly work himself into a lather over some other imagined offense made by a hippie no one else has heard of. That’s an invention I can live with. Recording Glenn Beck at 7 P.M. because he is a sick, twisted freak and I like that in a person.

Tonight is a prime example of why DVRs were put on this earth. 7 P.M. My Name is Earl/The Office is on opposite Survivor is on opposite Grey’s Anatomy. 8 P.M. Deal or no Deal is on Opposite CSI is on opposite another episode of Grey’s Anatomy is on opposite the UFC on Spike. 9 P.M. This is evil at it’s purest. What the hell were the networks thinking? ER is on opposite Six Degrees is on opposite Shark. In some time zones, I understand the second episode of Grey’s Anatomy is on at 9 P.M. making this all the more evil.

Why do the networks do this? Every damn year I get comfortable watching good shows on different nights. I’m fine with this. I’m guessing you all are fine with this. And then the networks decide they’ve got to muck it all up. They’ve got to get in there and mess with a good thing. Let’s put THIS really good show up against THAT really good show and make America decide which show is better. I don’t want to make that decision. I want good television, which is a rare and wonderful thing, spread out through my week. I want sprinkles of brilliance, not clumps. STOP PUTTING ALL THE GOOD SHOWS ON THURSDAY NIGHTS. I swear, the next thing you know, BSG will be on Thursday night. I can only record so many shows at once. There are only two hard drives in my DVR.

And then there’s the classic; Take a really good show that’s too expensive to shoot and bury it in a time slot that no one will watch. This killed Third Watch and almost killed NYPD Blue before they put it out of its misery.

So my DVR will be getting a work out tonight. The problem with this time of year though is when to watch everything you record. Do you stay in all day Saturday to get caught up? I don’t think so. I mean come ON, it’s only television and we haven’t started really hibernating yet.

So, my questions to you are simple. Which new show are you most looking forward to? Which old show are you ready for more of? Me? I’m already hooked on Smith. The bit with the ankle bracelet and the cat killed me. Didn’t you think the cat was gonna die? Come on, that was just funny stuff. And I have to say I’m a Grey’s Anatomy fan. That’s got to be one of the best ensemble casts ever put together. It reminds me of how good ER used to be and how badly it’s sucked the past few years. I KNOW it’s a soap opera, but it’s a FUNNY soap opera.

You’ll notice Battlestar Gallactica isn’t my most anticipated old show. No. I’m still pissed at the way last season ended and the previews for this season, aren’t filling me with anticipation but with dread. I might be done with it. It’s not even on my top five. I’ll have to see what’s up on Friday night or see if I’ve got any space left in my DVR.

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