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Loading the iPods and reading ChiRunning by Danny and Katherine Dreyer. It’s about applying Tai Chi/Yoga/Pilates principles to running. Basically, using your core muscles to move your body when you’re running vs beating your legs into the ground.

I’ve practiced Tai Chi on and off since I was about 18. These days it’s not so much about the martial art as it is about keeping my limbs and joints from hurting. For me it’s one of those things that I don’t notice I’m not doing it enough until part of me hurts that shouldn’t. At one point in my life I used it to help recover from a very serious illness. I’ve already started using it a bit with my sliced and diced legs. Nothing too athletic…just some weight shifting…a little careful stepping…getting a feel for what the surgery has done. I don’t plan on running tomorrow, the staples just came out yesterday morning, but I like the way they think in this book.

The idea of “Effortless, Injury-Free Running” is extremely appealing to me and so far the writers have my attention.

The method and benefits are the same:

Great posture
Relaxed Limbs
Loose Joints
Engaged core muscles
A focused mind
Good Breathing Techniques

If you’re not a believer in Chinese medicine and the flow of Chi, skip that part and simply pay attention to his biomechanical arguments for running smarter. It makes a LOT of sense. One of the authors is running ultramarathons and is over 50…he’s doing something right.

You can check out the general concepts at their website.

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