22. June 2006 · Comments Off on WMD In Iraq… · Categories: Iraq

…well…kind ofsort ofin a way…obviously violates UNSCR 687 . I wouldn’t be doing the “liberals are such idiots” happy dance just yet. It’s like 500 shells of old crap. If the report gets fully declassified and we find out there’s all sorts of newer stuff that we weren’t told about, then I’m going to be scratching my bald noggin a lot wondering what the hell they were thinking not releasing this? If this is another case of intelligence folks playing, “Mine-mine-mine, alllllll mine!” they’re just screwed.

If it had been anyone but Senator Rick Santorum I might care a bit more but he’s one of those politicians that just annoy me with their way of believing that they know what’s best for us. I don’t care if it’s the “anti-smoking nazis” or the “you must eat better nazis” or the “my religion says this so you must all believe it nazis,” they just make my teeth itch.

I’ve said it before though…I was pissed that we didn’t take Saddam out back in ’91, ya know, when we still had a LOT of people in uniform. The WMD thing was just a very small part of it for me.

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