24. June 2005 · Comments Off on Wow, I MUST Be Getting Old · Categories: That's Entertainment!

I am currently watching A Few Good Men, on TCM. And there is little to be ashamed of with this. After all, in-and-of itself, this is, arguably, Tom Cruise’ best movie – after Rain Man.

But what gets me is: this is a classic? Man – it’s only thirteen years old!?!?! I mean, this certainly has more substance than, say, Mister Roberts. But it doesn’t have the gravitates which comes with age.

Is it just me?

Update: Perhaps what makes this a classic is Nicholson, as Col. Nathan R. Jessep, and the fact that this was released eleven years before Gitmo became a POW camp. I can just see him spitting out in Dick Durbin’s face; “you can’t handle the truth.”

Update II: After watching this movie again, in full, including the loathsome and anticlimactic ending, I must say, it is strictly the questioning of Col. Jessep which makes this film a classic. In an instant, this rises from a petty legal who-dun-it, to high courtroom drama, on a par with To Kill A Mockingbird or Inherit The Wind. Yes, for those few minutes, this film certainly deserves a place among the pantheon of classics.

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