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I’m currently watching so Discovery Science Channel dreck “Ultimate Autos” show. And they have listed their “top 5” road rally cars:

5. Ford RS 200
4. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
3. Subaru Impreza WRX
2. Lancia Stratos
1. Audi Quattro

WHAT! What about the Renault Alpine, and the Porsche 959?

Oh, now these idiots are saying the WWII Jeep was a Willys design. Any GI or Car Guy worth his salt knows it was Bantam. Ford and Willys got the production contracts because Bantam couldn’t handle the volume.

Oh, and now they are talking about ultimate road racers. #5 is the Cobra Daytona Coupe – and it’s all about Carroll Shelby. Not one mention of Peter Brock – the man who really created the car. The fucking bastards!

And here they are talking about #1 road racer – the Porsche 917, and strictly talking about LeMans. No, the 917 endurance racers didn’t exactly dominate the Ferrari 512s. It was in CanAm that they really kicked ass – to the point that they killed the series.

Oh, and #2 was the Ford GT40. No argument, except all they showed was the Mk. II. The Mk. IV was the GT40s’ best execution.

#4 slips my mind, but #3 was the pre-war V-16 AutoUnion. But, if you are going to go there, the ultimate road racer has to be the 1968 Lotus 56 AWD Turbine.

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