08. March 2006 · Comments Off on Yeah I Still Blog Here · Categories: General

…but I got nuthin’.

I was gonna bitch and m0an about how many freaking times Apple has upgraded iTunes THIS MONTH, but that just reeks of preaching the the choir. I just feel sorry for any poor soul who’s still on dialup trying to use it.

The story at Slate about autoflush toilets was a promising piggy back but I wasn’t in the mood for scatalogical humor. Besides, Ellen covered it pretty well in her last standup routine on HBO and I really hate it when Reynolds writes on something and other folks do a “me too” post.

Battlestar is getting ready to have its season finale. Yeah, and?

Meanwhile we’re starting to once again look at our stuff and decide what we want to take with us on this, with all probability, last PCS before retirement. If we don’t love it and haven’t used it for the last year, yard sale or Vet’s Home.

But you know me…it won’t take long before something strikes me as weird or funny or outrageous, just recently…not so much.

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