13. June 2005 · Comments Off on Yeah, So? · Categories: Media Matters Not, Politics

I was in line at the supermarket this afternoon. And I spied the July issue of Vanity Fair, whose cover featured a very nice picture of Nicole Kidman (She may not act so good, but she shur is purdy.). And one of their headline stories constitutes excerpts from the new book by Edward Klein: The Truth About Hilary, which Matt Drudge reports on here.

Well, with the MJ trial over, the “dirt” of this story, that Chelsea is the result of Bill “raping” Hilary, is sure to be the next tabloid media (read virtually all of MSM) flavor of the week.

But I have to ask, WTF difference does it make? My only concern with the Clintons, at this point, is what constitutes Hilary’s fitness for elected office? How does this effect that?

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