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Ryan at Tasty Manatees has his nominations up for Worst of the Web:

Welcome to Tasty Manatees’ Worst of the Web, a collection of the absolute worst blogs the Internet has to offer. These blogs were nominated by readers like you through comments and email according to some simple nomination criteria providing points for certain “qualities”:

1. Inanity– For those sites packed with unending and uninteresting personal trivia. Extra points for anyone who talks about their sick cat.

2. Bad Design. If your link list is hidden in your source code and your page title can’t display because your picture of teddy bears and balloons blocks everything but one short post, you may be getting some points under this category. By the way, I thinkte is my nominee.

3. Stupidity. This is a delicate subject, I better be clear. I’m not talking about whether we agree with the content or not, simply whether its posting clearly demonstrates the website owner’s stupidity. For example, though I’m fairly certain that Atrios has the i.q. of a tire iron, the posts on his site are merely indicative of the thoughts on the hard left, not a unique expression of stupidity. No, for stupidity, we’re talking about stuff like this

4. Pretentiousness– For those who get in over their heads and don’t even realize it. Poseur poetry by high school kids gets extra points under this category.

5. Disturbingness– Yes, I’m talking about stuff like this. (I’m pretty sure that one was a joke, but you get the picture).

6. Other– You’ll know it when you see it.

Check out his nominees.

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