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The most beautiful words in the English language are indeed the words “Check enclosed”!
I have recieved as of last week my very first royalty check on The Book, which was completely and totally thrilling, even though I have gotten payments for writing and for voice-work. This is for “The Book”— even though I happen to know that my daughter bought three copies herself… still! The Book!
(happy and rapturous sigh inserted here)
I will be spending this check, alas, all in one place— to buy a number of copies to use as gifts for friends and family, to offer for review, and to market to one or two local bookstores which are *ahem* supportive of local writers, and for those who want an inscribed, author-autographed copy.
(This is your cue, for those who have asked for it. Paypal works for me, thanks- same price + shipping)
Oh, and it seems that someone has been publishing, and has made a certain name— using my real name for the last ten years or so… so, in order ro reduce confusion all around, I have taken a pseudonym, which mercifully hardly turns up hardly at all when googled— that is why the name on my e-mails doesn’t quite match the name on the front of “The Book”.
And thanks to all of you who have bought a copy! (MWAH!)

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